ADHD Resources

Vyvanse helps control ADHD symptoms. That’s it. The rest is up to you and your child. Check out tips, tools, and organizations on this site to make tasks more manageable, maybe even a little more fun.

A total treatment plan for ADHD

Your child’s doctor may use ADHD medication as part of your child’s total treatment plan that may include counseling and other therapies.

Skills Training

  • Try organizations like CHADD and ADDA or consult your child’s guidance counselor for training on specific skills
  • Designed to help children apply tips in real-life situations
  • Can help your child with getting organized, managing time, and social skills

ADHD Counseling

  • May include ADHD education, skills training, or talk therapy
  • May be more effective when provided in real-life scenarios
  • Can provide support beyond ADHD

Resources to help you and your child with the rest

Tips for Your Child

Real-Life Advice from Parents

ADHD Support Materials

ADHD Organizations

Looking to help your child with school?

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