ADHD Support Materials

Check out these guides to helping your child do the rest.

AWARE Brochure

A guide to the proper use of ADHD medication

6 Steps to Navigating the School System

A guide to seeking help for your child at school.

Supporting Students With ADHD: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers

A guide to helping kids with home and school matters such as help with making transitions between schools and from home to college.

Teacher Discussion Guide

A guide to getting the most from meetings with your child’s teachers.

Kids' School Kit

Practical tools and guidance designed to help you and your child tackle homework, seek help in the classroom, and more.

What should I ask my child's doctor about Vyvanse?

Learn more.   

Looking to help your child with school?

Check out our
Parents’ School Kit

Going to see your child’s doctor?

Get an ADHD Doctor
Discussion Guide